Organizational structure

The CILSS-UEMOA-ECOWAS regulations adopted on seeds aim to harmonize the rules governing the quality control, certification and marketing of vegetable seeds. tales and agricultural seedlings in the Member States. This cooperation concerns:

  • The establishment of a Committee Single West African Seed Region for the seventeen (17) Member States.
  • The concerted adoption of all additional documents such as:
    • the implementing regulations provided for in the above regulations;
    • the registration procedures manual;
    • the annexed technical regulations relating to the seed certification;
    • the manual of procedures for the extra-Community import and export of plant seeds and seedlings;
  • The creation of a single regional catalog of plant seeds and seedlings



  • The CRSPAOS: Committee; Regional Seeds and Plants of West Africa and the Sahel
  • The CNS: Committee; National or Authority National seed at country level
  • The Taskforce: team of experts and resource persons